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Apr 27, 2012

Chats with Dad

I read "Let's Pretend this Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson this last weekend, then started mainlining her blog (I'm on page 61 of the "previous posts").

So basically, I'm regurgitating her writing style as well as feeling pseudo-guilty that I never write blog posts frequently enough and at that point where it's like "no one's gonna read this anyway," so I thought I'd post random snippets of conversation with my dad.

From this morning:
Fishing: you're doing it wrong

From not this morning: 
me: Quick, give me a biscuit pun
 Daddy!: you are half baked
  i never have enough dough
don't get in a jam
  you'er toast
 me: your mom's face is toast
This is how I found out my big brother was engaged: 

Daddy!: Oh yea
  U see ace is engaged
 me: I found out after patrick
8:10 PM Daddy!: Of sourse he's a douchbag
 me: I found out because patrick posted Congrats to your brother, and good luck being the only sibling not married.
  but i'm not really sure where my phone is
8:11 PM so if you call me a couple times i'll pretend i was tried to be informed before all of facebook
 Daddy!: Oh tay
 me: maybe a text too
  that's not from twitter
  and if you really want to be extravagant, a snail mail letter
 Daddy!: Want me z2 call ur phone?
 me: maybe some sky writing
8:12 PM nah
  i don't have it with me i'm pretty sure
  and i'm listening to live music
  it'd be a bit rude if it went off
 Daddy!: Calling 7 now
 me: 7?
  I'm 7?
  that's it, i'm changin your nmber to 3
  mom's now 2
8:13 PM I seriously have no idea where it is
  maybe it's in my bedroom
 Daddy!: I just called u
Conclusion: I love my dad, and I can't figure out the formatting tab to save my life. (why you no left-align, post? v.v)

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