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Apr 27, 2012

It's not like it's pink-eye, right?

A conversation with my dad from earlier this week: me: yo
  u there?
 Daddy!: yes
 me: Did mom feel sickly last night?
 Daddy!: no did you?
 me: ... yus.
9:31 AM me: i think i may have eaten some expired chicken for dinner.
 Daddy!: u at home?
 me: no
 Daddy!: Tazikis?>
 me: no
  that was lunch
  though it doesn't look near as good 10 hours later.
 Daddy!: did you blow chunks?
 me: indeed
9:32 AM it was gross
 Daddy!: nice
  i hate3 it
 me: yeah
  but at that point, I was too nauseous to sleep
 Daddy!: not as3om3sauc3
 me: so I was kind of glad
  at what point do you know it's okay to go home sick as a grown-up?
 Daddy!: last time I was sick it was after Behold
 me: i know.
  I heard
9:33 AM Daddy!: u have sick leave use it
 me: this is true.
  but I'm not like, impaired
  and I'm not exactly pukey mcpukerton
 Daddy!: 'cept mentally
 me: thx
  i just don't want to eat anything ever again
 Daddy!: good plan
 me: and i have a weird headache that makes it hard to focus
9:34 AM Daddy!: go home, dummy
 me: ooo
  but if i hold out till 11 I'll only use a half-day
 Daddy!: and possible infect the entire office
 me: I don't think it's that kind of sick, i really don't
 Daddy!: take a vote at work
 me: pretty sure it's straight up "whatchu eat, willis?"
9:35 AM i thought i was having a migraine last night
  then it was like, OH WAIT
  all better
 Daddy!: maybe it was bad comedy
 me: mebbe
9:36 AM Daddy!: steve Martin had a quote
 me: we had a steve martin movie clip at church sunday
 Daddy!: Comedy is the art of making people laugh without making them puke.
9:39 AM goota go -puke ya later
 me: thanks
  puke you later too. :/
I really don't know when it's okay to leave. When I was a kid, I'd get migraines during math tests, and my mom would be like, "Honey, I know you don't feel good, but I'm fighting fires right now and I cannot come to get you. Just do your best, okay?"
So I feel like I need parental approval to go home. Unless it's strep. Vague bad feelings? no idea on what the go-home point is. Being grown-up is hard. This is like the worst post ever. But don't blame me, I was sick on Monday ('cause that totally justifies this).

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