Say who is this typing man?

I don't even know, people. They let anyone write on the internet nowadays.

Dec 1, 2011

YEah, I'm drunk blogging

Shut up, it makes awesome sense.

My friend who runs Macabre Mansion is bitching about me never writing a review for the website I'm supposedly "sci-fi editor" of, so in retaliation I will write a review while slowly getting mroe and morre drunk off of red wine. an important thing to know is I've already had a full glass and 2/3 of a 750ml bottle of red wine.

So, this is my review of "Moby DIck: 2000"

Firs,t I need to actulally watch it. hold on.

screw that, I'm watching Adam off myth-busters talk about failure. I lvoe it too much to stop it, even though he's in the Q&A section. Which I guess proves my friend's point about not reviewing.


Here's why I like Adam... whatever his last name is.  ^.^

He has twins. I am a twin. (twin WIN)

He's nice and not nearly as scary as Jamie (non-Cthulu beard WIN).

I met him all too briefly at D*C 2010 (He signed my Zombie shoe) I have a 3 second video, but come on, I'm blogging drunk. don't expect an upload at this pint~ ha! point. (MEETWIN)

I feel like if i send him this blog post via twitter, he'd actually read it. (crap. now i'm gonna do this)

HE's alright about talking about failure in a very real sense, and I'm so sure of failure in my life that I can really identify. plus, he's just really accessible to his fans without being creepily pandering, if that makes sense. I feel like I could buy him a drink if ever he came to Birminghame without him either taking advantage or being squicked. but come on, At this point, I do not need to be drinking additionally.

then again, I facebook challenged myself to finish the bottle. And I want to, now. so I think a will.

in a weird side note, sometimes "a will" and "I will" actually do sound identical issuing from my lips due to random southern accent. not often. Definitely not enough to make the televised "southern belle" accent hold any real-life water.

yeah. I'ma totes post this now.

Also, hats off ot Allie Brosh of for doing it first (to my caring) and best. cheers.

bonus, no cussing. I rock.