Say who is this typing man?

I don't even know, people. They let anyone write on the internet nowadays.

Jan 28, 2010

Bitch Bitch Moan Moan

i'm a horrible student.

well, not really. i'm a fabulous student... when i go to class. i'm one of those people who cannot STAND the awkward silence when a professor is desperately trying to avoid flat out giving all the answers and the students are desperately trying to avoid flat out thinking. This occasionally makes me "that guy" - you know, that one person who always has to say something and you can tell he just hasn't prepped or loves hearing his own voice (usually given nicknames by the rest of the class without their knowledge like "that girl with the teeth" or "stupid guy" or "y'know, the one that keeps bringing up sexual preferences?")- and i have to admit one of my biggest fears in the social scene is being labeled "that guy." At the same time, I still just can't let the silence build. It may be a linguistic thing (did you know that Americans cannot let silence be? after an average of 4 seconds of silence, an American will blurt out whatever they can to just... end... the... silence) but whatever the reason, i'm big on class participation. I love to learn, I don't really mind the reading (except when i do), and i'm of a quirky mindset that routinely leads to odd metaphors that helps others grasp concepts... like Robert Brown's Schroedinger's cat of morality (one of my favorite papers ever, even if it was for a 200 level class).

On the other hand...

Jan 26, 2010

No Such Thing

So, I love reading blogs that are "anonymous"-- cool nicknames for people and places, vague references to things, it's kinda like getting all of the human condition without having to deal with reality. Obviously others feel the same, or that "i don't know who you are and its attractive to me" thing in chat and im messages and movies wouldn't have taken off. In practice, however, this is freaking impossible.

seriously. i fix one thing so it's all cool and super-spy, and i just freaking expose myself to someone else... and that sounds way more sexually deviant than i intended.

So, if you do recognize me, help me with my denial and don't let on, k?

An Update in which Capitalization is Arbitrary

When I walked into the office this morning at Big City Magazine, my boss (the editor) wasn't in, so i decided to do the young go-getter trawling for work thing (but with less hooker overtones). I went and talked to Ad Lady, who is Boss Lady's bud in the magazine and much more organized. She set me up with some advert busy work involving reminding a list of clients that our deadline for production is this Friday. I was grooving along, calling random strangers and struggling to keep my verbal stalls to a minimum, when Boss Lady walks in late to an Important Lunch Meeting that AL and BL both need to attend. BL tells AL that i'm doing work for her (i'm on my last name at this point) and they head out the door.

So now, I have nothing to do because Boss Lady is one of those fabulously creative tragically disorganized people, and she left me with nothing to do. I'm about to go ask Editor Lady of Affiliated Magazine if she needs anything done, but first i thought i'd do a post so i wouldn't forget too much stuff for my end of term intern project (what i actually get graded on by the university).

Jan 13, 2010

This looks difficult


9:30am: go to first day of interning

10-noon: meeting with Community Thing Association- let the bs fly!

1:45pm: hoof it to Big City University to make it to choir

2:50pm: cut out of choir early to keep within that 1 hour lunch time thing (tho it's more like an hour and a half)

3:15pm: do intern work

4:45pm: hoof it to Coffee House for closing shift

??pm: parents bring me food. I love parents.

11pm: go back to dorm, shower, try to read Henry IV.


2am: give it up as a lost cause, drop into bed.

8:30am: Once and Future Roomate makes sure I'm up for my 9am class. I love Once and Future.

9:03am: be late to class

10am: try and read Henry IV, again give it up as a lost cause. Try to prep for my first meeting with my thesis advisor (not Dr. Prof but Lone Linguist) for this semester, only to realize I have left my notebook of notes and brought a ton of sources instead. Nevermind about that.

Then I wrote this post! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed already, and its only the 2nd week of class. Good times. The good news is that the blog function of Microsoft Word 2007 totally works.

Jan 12, 2010

First post

I was given the advice by both Dr. Prof and Professor Doc that a journal would be a good idea to keep track of my capstone thesis and my internship requirements, respectively. So what do I do? I decide to embark on a blogging expedition of mystery and late postings... which i'm currently doing while at my internship at Big City Magazine, so this'll be it for post one.

Really, I just wanted something on the stupid page. I should write more later, for a proper post. We'll see if King Henry the IVth trumps semi-legitimate internet tomfoolery tonight.