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Jan 26, 2010

An Update in which Capitalization is Arbitrary

When I walked into the office this morning at Big City Magazine, my boss (the editor) wasn't in, so i decided to do the young go-getter trawling for work thing (but with less hooker overtones). I went and talked to Ad Lady, who is Boss Lady's bud in the magazine and much more organized. She set me up with some advert busy work involving reminding a list of clients that our deadline for production is this Friday. I was grooving along, calling random strangers and struggling to keep my verbal stalls to a minimum, when Boss Lady walks in late to an Important Lunch Meeting that AL and BL both need to attend. BL tells AL that i'm doing work for her (i'm on my last name at this point) and they head out the door.

So now, I have nothing to do because Boss Lady is one of those fabulously creative tragically disorganized people, and she left me with nothing to do. I'm about to go ask Editor Lady of Affiliated Magazine if she needs anything done, but first i thought i'd do a post so i wouldn't forget too much stuff for my end of term intern project (what i actually get graded on by the university).

Last time i posted was a couple of weeks ago when i was horrifically overscheduled. That hasn't really changed, but i'm working on it. As it is, I only have 2 shifts at Coffee House this week, so that should help a bit.

Intern work: I've finished the mailing list from HELL and set up 20 some odd magazines for comp mailing, set up a photo shoot for our Big City Art Thing feature for next issue (the one that has the deadline on friday), edited an editors letter as well as a story by BL and 2 stories by random freelancers (this taking all of 10 minutes. ^.^ that's my favorite part so far), organized a stock room, made copies, and sat at my computer working on absolutely nothing waiting for people to give me stuff to do.

Thesis work: I've written like 3 pages of my introduction and missed my first deadline already. yay. -_-

Coffee work: I've... worked?

School: i've skipped my 200 level linguistic class like 3 times already... it needs to stop. I'm about half a chapter behind on that class, and same for my 400 level (i skipped all my morning classes yesterday in an effort to keep my sanity and get something done... yeah right). I need to read Twelfth Night as well as 3 acts of Henry IV, but mostly 12th Night cause that's what we're actively discussing right now. Choir Director has asked me to look at some Latvian (all these linguistic classes means i'm the go to girl for unknown languages), but he's remarkably similar to BL in that tragically disorganized way and I'm pretty sure he has forgotten already.

Elsewhere: i've attended 2MTL (that's 2 minutes too late) and Bride to be's engagement party where i was drawn on by the kids who love me and are convinced i'm a wizard (hilarious story i should tell later), my mom is wanting to go to Haiti, i can't keep my stuff at my house anymore but i have no where to put it (my dad threatened to SELL my BOOKS!!!! D: ), i've now seen Something Something Dark Side, I've chaperoned Random Youth Retreat, missed a recording session with Church Band b'c of work, and had a slight breakdown between Church and Coffee House on Sunday. I've also somehow found time to get hooked on The Misfits when i was supposed to be watching and analyzing Stargate: Sg-1.

On the other hand, i've decided to stop bitching about all the work i need to do and actually get something accomplished, so here's hoping that works out!

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