Say who is this typing man?

I don't even know, people. They let anyone write on the internet nowadays.

Jan 13, 2010

This looks difficult


9:30am: go to first day of interning

10-noon: meeting with Community Thing Association- let the bs fly!

1:45pm: hoof it to Big City University to make it to choir

2:50pm: cut out of choir early to keep within that 1 hour lunch time thing (tho it's more like an hour and a half)

3:15pm: do intern work

4:45pm: hoof it to Coffee House for closing shift

??pm: parents bring me food. I love parents.

11pm: go back to dorm, shower, try to read Henry IV.


2am: give it up as a lost cause, drop into bed.

8:30am: Once and Future Roomate makes sure I'm up for my 9am class. I love Once and Future.

9:03am: be late to class

10am: try and read Henry IV, again give it up as a lost cause. Try to prep for my first meeting with my thesis advisor (not Dr. Prof but Lone Linguist) for this semester, only to realize I have left my notebook of notes and brought a ton of sources instead. Nevermind about that.

Then I wrote this post! I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed already, and its only the 2nd week of class. Good times. The good news is that the blog function of Microsoft Word 2007 totally works.

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