Say who is this typing man?

I don't even know, people. They let anyone write on the internet nowadays.

May 1, 2012

Flammable Giraffes - It's How I Roll

I bought some stuff for my mom today from Perpetual Kid. I took the customer note box as a personal challenge.

This is a totally true story. Unless it isn't, in which case I was lied to.
I told my brother to put it on Reddit and make me famous.

Now I'm just waiting on the internet fame to start rolling in.

UPDATE: I took so long to write it in, they made me redo the whole order process. So I did.
This is, unfortunately, also true.
your turn, internet.

I just got my stuff delivered, and attached to the packing list was the print out of my note:

Crappy photo brought to you by crappy camera phone! Filling all of your slightly blurry, dark photo needs!
S/he liked it! Made the whole thing worth it.

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