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Nov 21, 2011

In other news - random

In other, more random news, Patrick Rothfuss (the author of the ever-so-awesome Name of the Wind and Wise Men's Fear, the first two out of three Kingkiller Chronicles) looks almost exactly like my big brother. It's kind of creepy.

Patrick Rothfuss

My brother with his Christmas Monocle (his beard is longer now)
He sounds nothing like my Big Bro audibly, but his blog entries and responses to interviews is again, freakily similar. It makes for a weird mental disconnect when I hear youtube clips of Pat Rothfuss talking.

Like this clip from W00tstock 3.0:

It's weird. That is all.

EDIT: Patrick Rothfuss actually recently (as in today - or rather yesterday by the time I post this since it's like 1:49 in tomorrow morning) did a "machine gun Q&A" where he'd answer randomly questions fired (equally randomly) in the comments box. I wrote a question inspired by my ever-pressing fear of being sucked into an alternate dimension inadequately prepared, and he Totes McGoats answered it. 

And again, his answer is freakily similar to what Big Bro would say. Also brings up the reason 2m2l and i always, ALWAYS knocked on his door to wake him up rather than just walking in unannounced. To some people, pants are always optional.

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