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Sep 21, 2011

DragonCon 2011

I went to Dragon*Con 2011 - it was a BLAST!

But super exhausting as well. I need to attempt to get everything down before I start forgetting crap. More pictures and videos will be added as I manage to upload them.

My crowd left Thursday after work and drove to Cartersville, GA from Birmingham - which caused some craziness about 3 hours into the trip. Next thing I knew, we were attempting to sing Hotel California with a Jamaican accent. BFFC didn't know all the words, so I was shouting them out as quickly as possible before each line started; also, we didn't have the Eagles on CD and there was no iPod adapter, so I just had it cranked all the way up on the little sucker.

I met Misha Collins of Supernatural fame, and almost fainted.

I bought a corset, a teal wig, and several siege machines from "Siege the Day," as well as a copy of Bone for half price.

I'm kind of awesome.

I played "Who's the Werewolf" until 4:30 AM, then had to strategically time my journey back to the Westin to coincide with some Utilikilts so as to avoid the creepy creepster hanging out and waiting for me to walk by him.

I made it 2/3rds of the way through a marathon of The Guild and got to see Clara and Tinkerballa from the first row as they came to thank us for loving their show.

I saw a great exhibition from the New York Jedi, and shared my Cheezits with several of the performers.

I got to see the most recent (at that point) episode of Doctor Who a full hour before anyone else who watches BBC America (except for the 500 or so people also watching with us). None of us heard what Matt Smith (the 11th Doctor for those of you who have the poor taste to not know who he is) had to say in his special pre-recorded greeting for D*C between "Hello Dragon*Con," and "Enjoy the show!" because we all FREAKED OUT to see him. Since there were Absolutely No Recording Devices allowed on pain of expulsion from the convention, we may never know what he said.

I also ruined the big plot twist for the people in my row 'cause I blurted out what was happening right when Amy said "it's only wood" (that's what he said).

I got the theme song from Tetris stuck in my head for most of the weekend, successfully got random strangers to join in on singing "Living on a Prayer" while walking down a hallway, sang in the Elf Choir, and tore down the house with some stranger named Stephen or maybe Keith on the song "Love Shack" during Klingon Karaoke.

I posed with the TARDIS at 1 AM (the TARDIS wearing an evil mustache), got a personalized copy of a comic book as well as a picture with the author, said hi to Macabre Mansion friends Billy Tackett and  wife as well as Tracy and Ben Eller (from World of Strange fantastic apparel), and was in awe at the stage presence of Pandorica Celtica.

I watched D*C TV, caught snippets of the movie nights for Star Trek, was alternatively freezing and blazingly overheated, caught a few really quick glimpses of the parade, sat in on a Stargate: Universe panel that made me want to give the show another shot, and joined in with a roomful of snarky fans as we MST3K'd Sharktopus.

I saw Whil Wheaton (sorry, Family Guy influence) Wil Wheaton sign Colin Ferguson's man-boob (or "moob") during one of the Eureka panels, watched Something Something Dark Side while waiting in line for a panel on the casting of The Hobbit by TORn, and wrestled through suffocating crowds while toting railroad tracks tied to my back.

I met up with someone who had the EXACT SAME COSTUME as me, which was odd ('cause it included railroad tracks tied to your back...), successfully avoided giving blood the entire weekend, and saw Gareth David Lloyd from afar.

Oh, and I've already bought my tickets for next year, of course.

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