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Aug 21, 2010

Quick Update

Yeah, I suck at this, i know.

So here's what's happened since last i posted:

I got the job of science fiction editor at macabre mansion (which i have yet to do anything for 'cause i just suck that much)

I got kicked out of my apartment with 14 days warning (rent was raised and my Mysterious Roomie couldn't afford it anymore)

Choral Director moved to Snooty College

Got a new apartment

2min2late got married (i sang at his wedding. it was AWESOME)

2min2late and his new wife moved to florida

My parents moved to florida  (same weekend i moved into my new apt)

I got a real job as an admin assistant at Small Company

I visited florida

I have yet to turn in my honor's thesis final draft - my plan is to print the final version (a few mistakes were present during the defense such as a missed citation, kinda important), take it dragoncon, get the actors from SG-1 to sign it since it was based on their show, get it bound, and take it back to school where i will beg for them to accept it cause i lost the original signatory page.

I got an Awesome Roomie who i know from The Coffee Shop

I now own my mom's cat Stupid, and she's being bitchy about Awesome Roomie's cats.

The end

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