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Mar 4, 2010

First interview high! WOO!

So Landscaper Dude totally called me back right before choir, but i handled it. I set up a phone meeting for when i'd get back into the office, and kept to it.

It was odd giving a phone interview. i've done radio interviews before of tv celebrities for Macabre Mansion but never had to interview someone over a phone, and for an article rather than for the interview itself. not to mention, the radio interviews are by their very nature recorded, versus my desperate listening and scribbling being our only material.

Overall, i think it went well. i had some incredible shatner moments with the pausing and the verbal stalling and the stuttering, but also managed to get everything i needed. Landscaper guy was fantastically nice and understanding, and i got a total performance high out of the whole deal. woo!

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